Internship Portfolio

Week 1- January 25th-January 27th

This was my first week at Marigold and Grey. Therefore, I spent a lot of my time focusing on learning the business and educating myself on inventory and products. I came up with a list of potential blog posts that I would like to write over the course of the semester, in addition to a point paper detailing what I accomplished after my first week.

Brainstormed List of Blog Posts

  • Flower girl and ring bearer gift ideas
  • The true intern experience
  • Interviewing other photographers and wedding event planners in the industry
  • Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas
  • My favorite PDG gifts
  • What gifting means to me
  • Perks of providing a schedule in a wedding welcome gift

Point Paper 1:

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          1/25/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                     Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Reviewing The Blog

Subject– As it was my first week at Marigold & Grey, it was really important for me to review the blog. Reviewing the blog helped me gain an understanding of the type of posts and writing style that M&G uses, but also helped me catch up with previous designs and big events!

Background– I found it really helpful to go back and read posts from M&G that were dated up to over a year ago, especially since M&G is only two years old. Reading that far back allowed me to say how much M&G has grown and where M&G is currently. There were often times that the blog featured guest bloggers, which was really great to see how their tone differed from Jamie, the owner’s.


  • I learned so much about M&G’s history and previous products
  • Learning the blog’s voice and tone, reading helped me brainstorm new ideas and start drafting new and fun blog posts for the future!
  • After reviewing the blog, I felt very excited to start my internship. I learned so much in such a short time, as Jamie accurately depicts the timeline of M&G throughout the blog.


  • Keep up with the blog daily
  • Refresh myself on old projects weekly!

Week 2- January 30th- February 3rd

My second week at Marigold and Grey, I drafted my first blog post and I was taught how to run the pre-designed gift shop. My work samples for the week include my first drafted blog post and a point paper demonstrating my understanding of the pre-designed gift shop.

Blog Post 1:

While I have not had my own wedding yet, I have had the luxury to participate in many weddings as a flower girl. Maybe that is where my love for weddings came from, but who knows.

Anyways, as a courtesy to most guests, many couples choose to gift wedding welcome gifts or as flower girls know it as, goodie bags, at their wedding. However, as a flower girl, it’s easy to be forgotten. Now granted, I was definitely under the age of 10, but I do not remember getting a gift basket from any of the couples that I was a flower girl for.

Therefore, I have come up with a few ideas of my own as to what to gift your flower girl and ring bearer…

Marigold & Grey Gift Basket

After seeing this perfectly designed flower girl and ring bearer gifts that Jamie did as a custom design, I fell in love. Providing kid-friendly snacks along with a few small toys to keep the kiddos occupied during the wedding reception was just such a great idea!

Special dessert

While brides and grooms spend lots of time taste testing cakes, sometimes that results in flavors that aren’t the most kid-friendly. Surprise your flower girl and ring bearer by providing them with a fun desert. My favorites are a “mock” champagne toast (pictured below) and a smores’ bar!

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer Tumblers

Not only are they super personalized and fun but they will keep the dress and tux spill free! At least from drinks that is. Any little kid would love showing off their cup, not to mention the parents can reuse it later on!

Do you have a memorable flower girl or ring bearer gifts that you have given or received? Tell us about them in the comments below!

Point Paper 2: 

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          2/1/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                     Spring 2017 

POINT PAPER – Pre-Designed Gift Process

Subject– One of my key roles as a studio intern is running the Pre-Designed Gift online shop from start to finish. The PDG shop is where clients can order from our pre-designed gift collection for a variety of events. For example- host/hostess gifts, bridesmaid’s gifts, groomsman’s gifts, spa gifts, and more.

Background– When an order comes through, I follow this checklist below to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

-Review order

-Check invoice

-Invoice- Making sure that we were paid for the order

-Email customer confirmation

-Build gift

-Wrap gift for shipping

-Enter shipping information into Ship Station

-ShipStation- The platform we use to track and ship all our orers

-Prepare gift for shipping

-Email client with shipping

Each order takes roughly an hour to process from start to finish. M&G’s standard is to get the order out within two days unless we are out of stock on inventory.


  • Since I am running the PDG online shop, I save M&G a lot of time, since I have my own process for how I handle orders.
  • I get hands-on experience with working with clients and their problems.
  • Taking on this role has given me an enormous amount of responsibility since our PDG online shop is a decent percentage of M&G’s revenue. It means a lot that I am trusted enough to work online and with future clients.
  • My biggest learning experience thus far has been in regards to shipping. At M&G we make a promise to get the gifts to the recipients ASAP. Therefore, when it comes to shipping, it is important to take special notice of shipping dates and times.


  • Develop a constant system to complete orders
  • Make sure to keep track of dates and client emails
  • Double/triple-check orders to avoid errors

Week 3: February 6th- February 10th 

During my third week at Marigold and Grey, I spent a lot of time filling pre-designed gift orders and working with organizing our drop box to utilize the images on social media more efficiently. My two work samples for this week are two different blog posts that I drafted to be potentially uploaded to the blog.

Blog Post 2: 

What Gifting Means to Me?

Rewind ten years and opening Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, valentine gifts, you name it, was one of my favorite things. I mean as an 11 year old, who doesn’t love receiving gifts?

It wasn’t until I got older, that I learned the wonderful feeling of what it mean to give a gift. Now of course, when I was around nine years old I would go to my school store and buy my brother some plastic toy, my mom a pair of earrings, and whatever Dad mug they had that year. However, it wasn’t until I started to earn my own money that I realized gifts are much more meaningful.

My mom was having a big birthday and my entire family was down the shore for the weekend. When my grandma asked my brother and I what we were getting my mom and we both gave a blank stare, I was certain we were going to be scolded. Long story short, we ended up getting my mom a blouse and earrings from a beach boutique that she loved. As she opened her gift, I lit up like a balloon.

As the years went on and I started to learn how to save and budget my money, I realized that as we say at Marigold & Grey, giving is way better than receiving. Now each year at Christmas, I don’t anticipate the gifts that I may be opening, but I anticipate the rush I will get when my loved ones open theirs.

Blog Post 3: 

Best Gifts I Have Ever given

When I first joined the M&G team, I was asked what my favorite gift I had ever received was and even harder, what was my favorite gift that I had ever given. I settled for my first pair of ski, which in case you were curious, I cried when I opened them and the adventure book I gift my boyfriend at the end of my senior year of high school.

However, as much as M&G and I rave about giving gifts, it’s not so easy! Just like many of you, I have struggled to figure out what to gift my closest friends and family. I have wondered the mall aimlessly and online shopped for hours, just hoping to find the perfect gift. After countless failed ideas, here I am, recommending a few of my favorite successes.

First Chair, Last Call T-Shirt- Ski the East

If any of you peeped at my bio, you know that I am a big skier. Well that is partially due to my ski-crazy family and winter obsessed father. Therefore, when I saw this First Chair, Last Call t-shirt, I knew it was a match made in heaven considering my dad is shouting first chair at 7 am on every family vacation, but refuses to leave the resort before a beer at the lodge at the end of the day.

Athleta Shorts paired with a chic bracelet

This past summer my mom celebrated another big birthday and in celebration we decided to go away on vacation. However, since it was such a big birthday, I couldn’t skip out on a birthday gift, right? Right. My gift had restrictions; it had to fit in my suitcase, it couldn’t break during flight, if it was considered light that was a bonus. Now reading these restrictions doesn’t sound too bad, but it was impossible to find a gift. I ended up going to my mom’s favorite store and picking out a pair of shorts with a matching bracelet, gathering a gift receipt and hoping for the best. Luckily enough, when we got to our destination and she opened the gift, she loved it. She even told me that she had considered buying the same shorts prior to vacation cause she loved them so much!

Pom Pom Hat

A year ago, my grandma came back from a trip to Europe with a beanie hat with a giant white fuzzy pom pom attached to it. It was the cutest hat and I wore it EVERYWHERE. But I wasn’t the only one who loved it, my best friend loved it too. Therefore, when Christmas rolled around this year, I searched and searched until I found a pom pom hat that was similar to mine. Now we wear our matching pom pom hats everywhere, making people think we are sisters.

Its never easy getting a gift for someone, but its not impossible! Be sure to make your gift personal to the person you are giving it too. Relating it to a memory is way better than a random gift with no meaning.

P.S. Now that I work at M&G, I have endless options for gift ideas, and so you do you! Check out our pre-designed gift collection for any gift idea!

Week 4: February 13th-February 17th

During week 4 of my internship, I spent a lot of time working with Drop box, as our photographer, Anna, was uploading new images. I also spent a lot of time working on our pre-designed gift collection as we were getting lots of orders in for Valentine’s Day! My two work samples for this week were two point papers talking about the large Pinterest Project that I took on and the Drop Box organization that I was completing

Point Paper 3: 

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          2/21/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                     Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Pinterest Project

Subject– One of my biggest tasks has been monitoring and contributing to our Pinterest board. Pinterest drives a lot of traffic to our website, therefore it is extremely important that M&G stays active on Pinterest.

Background– This task includes me scheduling pins through an app that we use called Tailwind weekly. Tailwind also provides us with reports on how our Pinterest is doing and what the result of our scheduling is having on our followers, pins and activity. In addition to scheduling pins, I am pinning pins to one of the groups that we have been invited too. This group stimulates a different type of activity all revolving around weddings. Therefore, if one follower is following someone else in the group, they will be able to see M&G’s pins more easily.

In addition, I am also sorting through Dropbox and uploading new pins to our boards. By adding new pins, I am developing a way to keep track of the images that we use through an Excel spreadsheet that I am compiling.


Learning Points

  • Learning the effects of Pinterest and Tailwind
  • Learning how to use Pinterest from a business standpoint
  • Learning the new algorithms of Pinterest
  • Witnessing the direct effects of Pinterest on a business, specifically a small business


  • Keeping track of Pinterest images is crucial to the success of social media platform
  • SEO is also crucial in search ability for Pinterest.


  • It makes me extremely happy to know that what I am doing is having such a large effect on our business. Our sales have gone up drastically and a lot of our web traffic has been driven from Pinterest.


  • Collecting the data/reports that Tailwind provides will help track measurement, which is our company’s goal for the year. Recording this in excel every month will show what Pinterest and Tailwind is doing for M&G

Point Paper 4:

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          2/23/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                     Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Drop Box Organization

Subject– One of my main tasks every day is to submit three pictures to Wedding Chicks inspiration board and one picture to be considered for their Instagram. Therefore, I have collected a large amount of photos from Drop Box and organized them into folders to be used for the submission process.

Background– The process of this included renaming photos, moving photos and copying photos. The organization of the drop box took a long time as I needed to keep track of event the gift was made for, the image number and the photographer who took the image. In this industry, specifically weddings, it is crucial to give the photographer credit for their work. As M&G has gone through multiple photographers since they have started, finding out which photographer produced which image is important.


Learning Accomplishments

  • Organizing drop box helps future interns and myself complete Wedding Chicks submissions quicker


  • Honestly, this work was frustrating. However, I know how much it helped us complete the daily task of submitting to wedding chicks.
  • Wedding Chicks brings in more potential custom clients, therefore, is super important to keep updated with.
  • Even the small tedious things in a business go the longest way, it is important not to late the important things slip.


  • Moving forward, I think that keeping drop box organized is extremely important for future interns.
  • As soon as the new images from a photo shoot comes in, they must be added to the correct folder and the Wedding Chicks folders-this will save so much time.

Week 5: February 20th- February 24th 

Week 5 of my internship was an exciting one! It was the first time that I got to participate in a bigger build. I also filled pre-designed gift orders and drafted more blog posts! My two work samples for the week are a point paper on big gift builds and a drafted blog post!

Point Paper 5: 

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          2/21/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                     Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Mass Gift Builds

Subject– Often times we have orders that come in that classify as a mass gift build. This includes shipping out multiple gifts to different locations. Mass gift builds vary depending on whether they are custom or PDG shop, but they usually take a lot of time and coordination from our team.

Background– With mass gift builds, we need to treat them like a regular PDG order. However, the biggest thing with mass builds is inventory. Since it is a mass build, we need to make sure that we have all the inventory needed for a big build. If we are missing a gift content then we need to order it and wait for it to come in, which delays the shipping process even further.

We had a mass gift build this past week that presented some problems. The bride was sending out her bridesmaid’s gifts and wanted the first three to be sent out ASAP, as one of her bridesmaids was moving. However, we were missing a key part of the gift for the other gifts. Therefore, we needed to wait for the rest of the inventory to come in before we could ship. This put us behind schedule for shipping.


Learning Accomplishments

  • Lots of hands-on experience with clients and customer service
  • How to put together mass builds


  • Although working with clients can be frustrating, I really enjoy the hands-on experience and the direct contact
  • Mass builds are not easy, but they are a lot of fun and make me appreciate the art of gift building.


  • Check inventory over and over again, it is so important to be prepared for mass orders. They can come in at any time and there are a lot of inventory that we have that take a few weeks to come in

Blog Post 4: 

How to Deal with a Break-up?

Ever have your best friend break up with her boyfriend? I am sure many of you have. And as you well know, it isn’t pretty. To watch your friend go through heartbreak never gets easier.

However, at M&G, we do everything we can to make a gift that can brighten someone’s day. Therefore, I am convinced that the best way to help your friend in need is to send them a beautiful gift. Especially, if you can’t comfort them in person!

Here are my favorites,

Bad Day Box-

Our Brittney mug takes the cake for me on this one. I feel like all of the elements of this mug would make me smile on the inside, if not on the outside! The Bad Day box truly has all the elements needed to make your friend smile

Spa Day Box-

Wow, I love the color coordination on this box. From the fun snacks to the blue hand towel, the color blue keeps my senses calm. Not to mention that the Meadow’s soap smells amazing! 10/10 would recommend.

Glitter and Gold-

While this gift isn’t targeted to a break up or even a bad day. The colors and fun contents of the gift would make anyone feel better. I love the polka dot tote bag and the glitter tumbler are accessories that every girl would love!
Break ups are never easy. But thankfully M&G has just the comfort remedy;) Let us know what you do to help out your gals in the comments below!

Week 6: February 27th- March 3rd

Week 6 of my internship was when I really started to measure the effects of the Pinterest project that I had started. Therefore, my work samples for this week are the excel tracking sheet that I started to measure our Pinterest Project and a screen shot of what it looks like to schedule several pins at a time under multiple different boards through Tailwind.

Excel Tracking Sheet: 


Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.11.57 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.12.05 PM

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 7.08.53 PM

Tailwind Scheduling: 

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 4.26.22 PM

Week 7: March 6th- March 10th

During my seventh week at my internship, I continued to work on the Pinterest project and also monitored our Facebook impressions. We were preparing for a new gift launch and I wanted to be prepared for track the engagement. Therefore, this week’s work samples are multiple different pin uploads that I completed. Uploading a pin includes using the write hashtags, descriptions, and links to receive the proper engagement.

Pinterest Uploads 1: 

Pinterest Uploads 2:

Week 8: March 13th- March 17th

This week was a crazy week for Marigold and Grey. Kelly and I both were taking off the next week and we needed to prepare Jamie in all ways possible to be the only one at the studio. In addition, we had a big order of custom gifts come in for Wedding Wire that needed to be shipped out that week. Therefore, I spent a lot of time preparing for a photoshoot and building pre-designed gifts. My two work samples for this week include some Instagram feedback that I compiled from our social media account and images of the Wedding Wire gifts that I assembled and shipped.

Instagram Feedback: 

Screen Shot 2017-05-17 at 3.49.28 PM

Wedding Wire Photos: These photos are images of what the gifts looked like that I built. I build 20 of them, packaged them up, and shipped them out! The gifts were photographed by our photographer, Red October Photography, to be featured on our website and used for promotional material.


Photo Cred: Red October Photography


Photo Cred: Red October Photography

Week 9: March 27th- March 31st

Coming back into the office full swing, there was lots to be done. I had a lot of pre-designed gift orders to complete in addition to a big build. We had a last minute custom order for Smithsonian come in, which I ended up delivering to them in D.C. at the end of the week. My work samples for this week include an image of the Smithsonian gifts that I built in addition to a point paper on delivery

Gift Build- Smithsonian- As previously mentioned, this order was placed super last minute and needed to be delivered. Therefore, I built 12 of these gifts, packaged them up, and delivered them to the client in D.C.



Point Paper 6: 

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                        Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                           3/29/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                                       Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Delivery

Subject– At Marigold and Grey, delivery is super important. When we have a mass build of over 30 gifts, it makes it really hard to ship all of them. That is why we offer delivery up to two hours away!

Background– Like I mentioned, we offer delivery up to two hours away. Considering this, we need to budget for timing on how long it will take us to get there and what sort of work we will need to prioritize since we have a certain amount of time shaved off for delivery.

With this case, we got asked to delivery 15 gifts for the Smithsonian super last minute. Marigold and Grey stepped up to the challenge and ordered the inventory as fast as we could that way we could get the gifts out the door as soon as possible. Preparing for the gift delivery, I checked the destination and knew that driving through D.C. right before rush hour was going to be hectic. Therefore, I printed out some extra directions and went on my way.


Learning Accomplishments

  • Had direct contact with the client- She ended up not picking up the phone once I arrived. I went to multiple different entrances but the security guards would not let me in without a pass. I ended up having to call several people in order to get in touch with her. Finally after getting a hold of her, I was able to deliver the gifts!


  • While delivery can be tedious, it is a key part of our business and keeps us connected with our clients!
  • Work on scheduling with the client and double check that they are okay with multiple different delivery times
  • Before accepting a large project, try and look at scheduling to see if it can work with scheduling and inventory.


  • Be sure to call the recipient before leaving the studio. That way you are sure they will be able to
  • Double check how to get to your destination before leaving the studio, you never know if there will be road blocks or traffic

Week 10: April 3rd- April 7th

During this week, we had a huge customized bridesmaid order come in last minute. It was based off of our original bridesmaids gifts on our pre-designed gift shop. Therefore, we rushed in some inventory and built some bridesmaids gifts. I was so inspired by the whole thing that I drafted a blog post on how to build bridesmaids gifts! Therefore my work samples for this week are a drafted blog post on how to build bridesmaids gifts and images of the customized bridesmaids gifts that I put together.

Gift Build- Tanko- I was super excited when these gifts came in. She ordered 16 custom will you be my bridesmaid gifts and we had to custom order some of the pieces like the calligraphy letter and the rose cookies. They turned out beautifully and now the client is doing her wedding welcome gifts with us for her fall wedding!

Blog Post 5

How to Build a Bridesmaid Gift

Your bridesmaids are your forever friends, your sisters, the people that you want next to you on your big day. And when you ask them to stand by you, you want to make it count. Marigold & Grey has a pre-designed gift that I would suggest you take a look at…hint hint… especially if you are running on a time crunch! But follow these steps and anyone can curate the perfect bridesmaid gifts.

Pick the perfect box

Whether the box is a crisp white or a beach bag, make sure the container that you want your gift to come in reflects on you and your wedding! You want it to match the vibe that you are going for and be functional in the future!

Something personal

Pick a special item for each bridesmaid. Whether it be a lipgloss that you both loved in high school or a gift card to their favorite restaurant. A personalized touch will make the gift much more special and make your bridesmaid feel super appreciated.

Bridesmaids Robes

Now we have seen this trend increase over the last few years and I have to admit, I am in love. I love Plum Pretty Sugar’s collection of robes but it is possible to find some other fun robes online! Not only are these items functional but they are fun and flirty as well! Your bridesmaids are definitely going to have them and wear them for years to come.

Favorite Treat

Now at Marigold and Grey we are all about a little bit of sweet. That is why we recommend a sweet treat that you love that you can share with your bridesmaid! Something sweet will always make her smile. I suggest either your favorite type of candy or a local baked treat from a bake shop near by!


Me being such the sappy person I am, would 100 percent recommend writing a letter to each of your bridesmaids. They are your people and deserve to know how much you appreciate them. And when else would you get the chance to tell them how much you love them! In addition to being sappy, you can also tell them important and timely information about your wedding in the letter!

Bridesmaids gifts are such a fun part of the wedding! There are so many different ways to go! I would absolutely recommend doing them. What gifts have you gifted to your bridesmaids? Let us know in the comments below!

Week 11: April 10th- April 14th

During this week, we started to prepare ourselves for full blown wedding season. We had our first round of wedding gifts and therefore, I got to participate in my first wedding welcome gift build. This week I build two rounds of gifts, one for Caroline Dutton Events and one for AME Events. Therefore, this week my two work samples include images from both builds.

Gift Build- Dutton Wedding- This gift build was super exciting as it was the first of the season! We had 25 of these beautiful crisp wedding welcome gifts to make with our new ribbon from Torn and Tied. They turned out beautiful and the event planner was super excited.

Gift Build- AME Events- This build was our biggest one to date. It included not only making 75 gifts, but building the craft boxes, building the gifts, tying the gifts and then shipping them out for delivery.

Week 12- April 17th- April 21st

During this week, we had two other big builds going on. We had 50 gifts for Susan B. Anthony foundation gala dinner and we had gifts for Phi Air corporate retreat at the Salamander resorts in Middleburg, VA. Therefore, for this week, my work samples include images of these gift builds that I worked on.

Gift Build- Susan B. Anthony- As Marigold and Grey is working toward expanding our portfolio, this build was huge for us. We had to build 50 corporate gifts for a Gala in D.C. They turned out wonderfully and the event planner swore to use us again.

Gift Build- Salamander- Similar to the AME events gifts, these also took quite a bit of time to put together. Not only did we have to hand build each gift box, but we had to build the gifts as well and then deliver them to Virginia. So worth it thought, as the client was super impressed and it was another corporate function to be added to our portfolio.

Week 13: April 24th- April 28th 

During this week, we had a huge pre-designed gift order come in for 40 of our Luxe Lavender gifts. As we order inventory on an as need basis, this put us in crunch mode to get these completed. In addition to this, I started to play around with a new gifts review blog post about the two new gifts that we had launched during the time of my internship and my thoughts on these gifts. Therefore my two work samples for the week are an image of the Luxe Lavender gifts being built and the drafted blog posts about the gifts review!

Gift Build-Luxe Lavender- Our Pre-Designed gift shop isn’t typically meant for massive orders, but when someone orders 40 of one gift, we won’t back down. This is the process of putting together 40 of these gifts and shipping them out in only 3 days.


Blog Post 7-

Catching Up on all the Crazy

Over the last few months of me being a studio intern at Marigold and Grey, a lot has happened. We have been featured on TV, partnered with Plum Pretty Sugar and Garter girl, and managed to launch two new gifts of our own. I figured I would give you my perspective on what its like to build these gift daily and the inside scoop of what each item is like in person.

Deluxe Lavender

Deluxe Lavender is a wonderful gift for any sort of occasion. House-warming, mother’s day, Valentines Day–you name it! I have really enjoyed getting to see all sort’s of people order this gift for many different occasions. The Par Avion earl grey tea not only has beautiful packaging but is perfect for any sort of day. The Spruce and Fresh lavender bath salt is perfect for any sort of relaxation. But my personal favorite? The hand soap and lotion pair from Lynchburg soaps takes the cake for me. Ask Kelly or Jamie, whenever we got a shipment in of these beauties, I nearly squealed every time!

Overall rating: Due to the gift being so easy to gift for many different occasions and all the wonderful gift contents, I have to give this gift a 9.5/10


When I first started my internship at M&G this gift was all the talk. Everyone wanted us to release this gift. When Jamie started curating, I feel in love with every component. I actually was so disheartened when our first gift shipped out because I didn’t want to let it go! It was all too precious. The bunny love is perfect for any baby and will definitely become a quick attachment. The beautiful rattle for the baby is not only safe but a wonderful mix of natural elements to really pull it together. But my favorite part of the gift? The baby onesie that says “And so the adventure begins” with mountains behind it. How precious?

Overall Rating: Since I am not a new mom, I can’t relate with this gift entirely, but I love every element and the bunny love definitely gave it brownie points…..9/10

Well I may be a bit bias….but I love the new gifts that Marigold and Grey has designed. And I can’t wait to follow the release of the new ones to come in the next year! What do you think of the new gifts? Let us know in the comments below!

Week 14: May 1st- May 5th

When I realized that it was my second to last week in the studio, I could not believe it! How did it happen all happen so quickly? The last week in the studio, I found myself helping Jamie prepare for a styled shoot and put together several gifts to be shipped out to be featured in Lavin Label. In addition, after all the photoshoots that I have seen, I recognized how much preparation it takes. Therefore my two work samples for this week are some images of the gifts that I built that were featured in Lavin Label and a point paper demonstrating the importance of preparation before a photo shoot!

Styled Shoot-Lavin Label- Collaborating with others is extremely important for Marigold and Grey because it gives us more exposure. These are photos, by Kelli Boyd Photography, of gift boxes that Jamie and I put together for a styled shoot with Lavin Label. The exposure gained us more followers and brought us more orders!  I really enjoyed working on these boxes as I got to help Jamie style and we got to be creative together!

Point Paper 8

Intern Point Paper

University of Maryland                                                                     Kristina Engert

Department of Communication                                                          5/3/2017

COMM386: Experiential Learning                                        Spring 2017

POINT PAPER – Preparing for a Photo shoot

Subject– As we are constantly curating gifts at Marigold and Grey, we are preparing for a photoshoots regularly that way we can document our progress and share it on social media and our website!

Background– One of the biggest challenges is when we make small changes to our pre-designed gifts and have to reshoot all of them for the website. We had our photographer, Anna, come in many times over the course of my internship to shoot pre-designed gifts, new gifts, client gifts, corporate gifts and wedding welcome gifts.

Before the photographer comes in to the studio, the Marigold and Grey team sits down and meets as a team to discuss what gifts will be shot, what order they will be shot in, what types of gifts are a priority, what we need for the shoot, and our roles for the day.

However, to prepare for a photo shoot, we must do several things such as get fresh greenery, pick up stationary and customized tags, check inventory, and build multiple gifts. It requires the whole team to make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are there when Anna comes in to the studio. In addition, while the photo shoots are happening, we must continue to work on any pre-designed gift orders or custom orders that are going on around the studio.


Learning Accomplishments

  • Communication is key in this setting! Working as a team is extremely important.
  • Planning ahead of time is the only way that everything gets done and runs smoothly
  • Assigning roles on the day of the shoot helps the schedule of the day, while keeping all of us on task


  • Marigold and Grey has a great format for multitasking on the day of the shoots
  • It helps to be consistent with the types of photographers that we bring in, as they know the stuff that we are looking for
  • Photo shoots are fun! Watching Jamie style really brings the gifts to life.


  • Assign roles before the photographer arrives at the studio
  • Discuss any other business that must be done before the day of the photoshoot

Week 15- May 8th- May 12th

My last week at Marigold and Grey was certainly my busiest. We had multiple big builds going on including a video shoot at our studio with Wedding Wire! The main things I worked on for the week were another big build for a client gift with Ribbon and Ink. With things winding down, I also started to reflect on the semester and drafted a blog post about my experience as an intern. Therefore for this week, my two work samples are images of the Ribbon and Ink build and a drafted blog post.

Big Build- Ribbon and Ink- This was one of my very last builds at Marigold and Grey and let me tell you it was a beautiful one. These were client gifts for a branding company after they had rebranded themselves! The pictures, by Lissa Ryan Photography, turned out beautiful and will be used for promotional material on the Marigold and Grey website.

Blog Post 8

My Internship Experience

You all will have to work with me here, as I am graduating from college in a little over a week. It’s hard to imagine how quickly the last three years went, let alone this semester. When I started looking for an internship, I knew what I was looking for and when I found Marigold and Grey’s website, I knew I had met my match. I am going to highlight a few key things that I have experienced and learned during my time as an intern with Marigold and Grey.

Small business means personal

When I first started at Marigold and Grey, I never realized how personal small business is. Coming from corporate life, I kind of assumed that small business was a scaled down version of that. I never realized that if you booked a different photographer or changed vendors last minute that there would be huge repercussions. It was such a breath of fresh air to see people care.

Trust means everything

Small business means taking risks to receive rewards. With each move you take, you are entrusting people to carry things out. Failure to do so can result in extremely harsh conditions that reflect on your business. I was lucky enough to be trusted by the Marigold and Grey team and I learned so much from it.

Have fun

Just because small business leaves room for the unknown doesn’t mean that there isn’t wiggle room to have fun. The Marigold and Grey team made an active effort to still have fun as a group and team bond. In addition to making time in the studio for some fun. Not everything has to be so serious. I truly believe that is what made me love coming to work every single day.

What do you love about your job? Any interesting stories to tell? Let us know in the comments below!