PR puts the p and r in sports

Sports PR is a challenging industry as it is quickly becoming one of the most popular industries in America. When looking at Sports PR, the industry I want to go into, the relationship that athletes have with their sponsors are crucial.

Building street credit

Most athletes look at a company’s name, reputation, and dive into background information before diving into a contract deal with them. Companies that have a corporate philanthropy, take social responsibility and are known to be well liked within the community are more likely to sponsor a larger group of athletes. For example, Red Bull has become very dedicated to their corporate philanthropy, recycling the Red Bull cans. Therefore, they have gained a large following of extreme sport athletes. Check out Redbull’s corporate philanthropy here.


Be Prepared

Grade school teachers have often nagged students about not coming prepared to class with a pencil. Sports PR is similar. PR representatives should always be prepared to handle an emergency with the athlete. Athletes are considered celebrities and often the topic of hot gossip. A great PR representative will always be prepared with the proper plan in preparation of a crisis emerging.

Know the game

While, PR practitioners are not out on the field with the athletes, it is important for them to understand the game. PR practitioners need to understand and be relatable to what the athletes are experiencing on the field just as much as the situations that are handled off the field. This will allow PR practitioners to really connect with the athletes and help make the best choices for them and the companies involved.

Even the best make mistakes

The NY Times have created a section on their website completed devoted to article corrections. Seeing that even the best mistakes, there was a correction made on Feb. 12 in the Sports section mistaking goal keeper, Martin Brodeur’s number of total wins, as 369 instead of 691. To check out other recent printed corrections from the NY Times, click here.


Source: NY Times/Dave Caldwell


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