The impacts of diversity in the workforce

Evonik welcomes diversity into the office to create a positive environment for employees. Encouraging diversity leads to innovation and ideas that others without diversity may not see or understand.

Evonik takes on diversity with a positive attitude

Diversity is critical in any company. With Evonik’s headquarters and production in Germany and Europe, it is very important that there is an understanding of the different cultures. Evonik has such a global presence that all employees should be aware of the prominent diversity within every office.


The above words describe how diversity comes together and completes the puzzle. Evonik takes all of these and puts it into their work environment to get results

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The impact

Diversity is a touchy subject in many different fields and not always looked upon highly. Diversity is very important and works well at Evonik. It provides different perspective and ideas. It also generates new knowledge on innovative ways that Evonik can get ahead of competitors. Diversity is experience. Diversity is perspective. Check out Society of Professional Journalists diversity meaning portion here: 

Ask around

Many people embrace the different diversity amongst each other. It is important to talk about it and cherish it. At Evonik, many colleagues talk about their cultures and traditions. Exchanging thoughts and having an open environment creates for positive discussions. Attending cultural events put on by your company or even another group will enlighten individuals on different styles of life and freshen up the idea of spicing up life through diversity and culture. See Evonik’s ideas of diversity here:


Fortunately Evonik looks at diversity with a positive perspective. Therefore, there are many people with different backgrounds and cultures working for Evonik. Not all companies are as willing to support the diversity. On a “Code Switch” story from the series provided by, it is addressed that many colored millennia’s cannot get ahead due to lacking the financial stability that white parents provide their children with. To read more about it, click on the link: . Checkout the “Code Switch” series link for more articles on diversity in the work place here:


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