Evonik seeks new social media platforms

With technology advancing too quickly for Evonik to keep up, its important to discover new ways Evonik can stand out in the vast world of the Internet.

New platforms offer new perspectives in the Evonik world

Evonik Industries is a German chemical company that has locations in North and South America, Asia, and headquarters in Europe. With Xing, Lefora, and Quora, Evonik can enter the online market in ways like they never have before.

A German LinkedIn?

Almost everyone has a LinkedIn now in days. It is recommended that the start of your career begin with a signup to one of the most professional networking sites out there. However, Germans turn to a different platform, one they find a bit cozier. Most Germany colleagues are using a social media platform called Xing. Xing is very similar to Linked but is very popular amongst the German crowd. As Evonik tries to bridge the gap between its international employees, this is a great way to enhance communication. To look further into the differences between LinkedIn and Xing, checkout this link, http://qandidate.com/blogpost/whats-the-big-difference-between-linkedin-and-xing-for-recruitment/


Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.16.22 PM.png

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Evonik is a known as being a German chemical company. Therefore keeping a strong social media presence may intrigue readers as to what types of chemistry Evonik is conducting.

Photo By: Kristina Engert

Forum? What is a forum?

The science background is not lost at Evonik. From a social standpoint, there is room for improvement. Evonik has lacked the ability to gain knowledge in certain areas of expertise in the chemical industry. Working in different markets like the dental, auto, and food industry can lead to unanswered question about the markets in the U.S. A good way to find out? Join the discussion here by following this link: https://www.xing.com/app/startpage

Questions on questions

We all have them. No matter what company we work for or what job title we have. Where do we find the answer? Quora. Quora is a social media platform designed to follow questions that are asked in certain subjects. The subject break down goes into topics as broad as business but as specific as the latest Hunger Games movie. Evonik can search the answers to their questions about the North American science, health, or chemical market on this user-friendly social media platform. Answer your questions now by clicking the link: https://www.quora.com

Check out the media material that Evonik provides at: http://corporate.evonik.us/region/north_america/en/media/press-materials/pages/default.aspx

Screen Shot 2015-12-08 at 11.16.22 PM.png



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